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My Women of Anime
Utena Tenjou

Name: Utena Tenjou
Grade: 8
Duelist Rose: Usally white sometimes Pink
Birthday: 12/29
Blood Type: B
Pronounciation and Translation:
(oo-ten-ah) "calyx"*
(ten-joo) "heaven above"

Series: Revolutionary Girl Utena

Profile information:
When she was very young both her mother and father died. She was over come with great saddness when a prince apeared before her. He said "little one, growing up alone in such deep sorry. Never lose you nobility even when you become a young woman." with that he gave her a ring a dissapeared. Littel did she know that the ring would change her life, and get her into duels for control of the rose bride. (look under Anthy)

Utena at the gates




As a strong female lead, I enjoy watching her fight against anyone who chalenges her to a duel. Even if the first fight was for her friend. Also I love to see when Dios loan his power's to her.